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Winesecrets and amaea set to bring new smoke remediation tech to U.S. wineries

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amaea are proud to announce their partnership with Winesecrets, a long-standing service provider for U.S wineries. With amaea’s innovative, molecular filtration technology in hand, U.S winemakers will now be able to recover more value from smoke impacted wine, without the need for excessive intervention.

What does this partnership mean for winemakers?

  • Value recovery: Remediate smoke impacted wine with greater potential to bring it back to its intended program.
  • Tailored sensory outcomes: Achieve desired sensory outcomes and bring out the best from your wine with adjustable treatment rates.
  • Lasting quality: Have the confidence that smoke markers will not return in your wine.
  • Sustainability: Adopt a low-impact production process that uses regenerable polymers.
  • Premium service: Be assured that Winesecrets and amaea, will deliver quality services with expertise and dedication.

“Developed to specifically capture the volatile phenols attributed to smoke, by using amaea’s system, winemakers will not only remove smoke impacts from their wine but reclaim value by being able to retain the varietal characteristics and body of the wine.” says Chief Revenue Officer, Jonathan Engle.

“This is a new step for remediating smoke impacted wine and by embarking on this partnership with Winesecrets, we are confident that together, we will help U.S. wineries achieve outstanding outcomes.”

“We are pleased to be partnering with amaea in this emerging area of selective molecular separation. This class of technologies will become a great new tool for the winemaker’s trade,” says President of Winesecrets, Eric Dahlberg.

To find out more about amaea’s molecular filtration technology for wine, visit their website.

About amaea

Working with winemakers for winemakers, amaea is a deep-technology organization focused on developing molecular filtration technology for the wine industry.

Available for use in the U.S., Canada and New Zealand, amaea have pioneered a smoke remediation capability focused on value recovery and sustainability.

Beyond smoke remediation, amaea are looking to extend their collaboration with Winesecrets to include providing winemakers with a sustainable alternative to fining, as well as wine stabilization capabilities.

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