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6,300 Gallon Modular Insulated Tanks Available!

Truck them to your facility to hook up to glycol, self-contained refrigeration also available.

Flexible storage solutions for when you're in a bind.

Limited Quantity Available Now!

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September 2014

Tanks To The Rescue For Bulk Storage

For earthquake relief and overall harvest volume, Winesecrets is putting extra bulk storage tanks on line ASAP. Give us a call at 888-656-5553 or email us if interested in immediate flexible-term bulk storage for your wine!



Incoming! 6,300 gallon modular, insulated tanks being craned through the cellar roof at the Winesecrets Facility.


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September 2014

Winesecrets Recruits Michael Gribben As Director Of Operations

         American Winesecrets, LLC (Winesecrets), The Professional’s Choice For Winemaking Solutions is proud to announce that Michael Gribben has become the Director Of Operations for its Sebastopol, CA headquarters. Mr. Gribben has over 15 years of experience in the alcoholic beverage industry having held positions in Maintenance, Production and Operations Management. He brings with him the highest level of passion and commitment and a track record of leadership continuing from his service in the United States Marine Corps.

Director Of Operations Michael Gribben

            Michael joined the Marine Corps at the age of 17 and worked his way up the ranks throughout 20 years in service, ultimately retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer-3. Mr. Gribben continued to commit his passion henceforth to the wine industry and is eager to bring his leadership and standards of excellence to his new position. “I am very excited to join forces with a dynamic organization of skilled craftsmen who are focused on quality, customer service and out of the box thinking!” says Mr. Gribben.

            As a 2013 California Veteran Employer of the Year in the Small Private Business category, Winesecrets actively seeks to leverage the skills and education brought to the workplace by America’s Veterans.  The company has made veteran hires a priority and approximately 50% of the personnel at Winesecrets have a military background. Winesecrets has developed an on-job-training program to provide incoming veterans with industry specific skills while working at its wine production facility. “I am deeply honored that a professional of Michael’s caliber would choose to become part of our company” remarks Eric Dahlberg, President of American Winesecrets, on the exciting addition to the Winesecrets team.


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August 2014

Napa Earthquake And Its Damage To Local Wineries


Winesecrets donates $500 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief fund plus volunteers labor for cleanup support for local wineries hit hard by the 6.1 magnitude quake that happened early Sunday August 24, 2014.



For more on the Red Cross efforts and how to help >>>> click here.

For more information on the earthquake >>>> click here.

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August 2014

Wine Grape Harvest 2014 Officially Begins!


Friday August 22, 2014 marks the arrival of the first load of freshly harvested wine grapes to Winesecrets headquarters in Sebastopol, CA!

Anticipating a large crop year yet again Winesecrets Operations is gearing up for the coming onslaught and ready to help with any emergencies. Bring it on Mother Nature! We help wine to shine every time.


Freshly harvested 2014 Chardonnay grapes await their fate: