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Who is Winesecrets?

We offer winemakers extraordinary power to influence their results.

We do this by giving them more control over flavor expression, the adjustment of taints, alcohol balance and color. 

Our greatest satisfaction and thrill is our customer’s reaction when we restore one of their wines they believed lost.

We will help you make better wine for less costs and headaches. Let us be your secret weapon!

UC Davis Team for Winery sustainabilityWinesecrets supports Sustainability efforts at UC Davis. 

Dr.Roger Boulton had the vision of creating the World’s first self-sustainable winery.  His vision is aligned perfectly with Winesecrets commitment to sustainability.   With generous support from many in the wine industry, the LEED Platinum Winery and Jess S. Jackson Sustainable Winery Building are now in operation.

In December, Winesecrets, a GE  Channel Partner, successfully launched Phase One of the water recapture and use system. The Reverse Osmosis system donated by GE, filters the rainwater to a potable level for use in barrel and tank cleaning.

The benefits of rainwater capture are many including lower energy demands, no need to soften the water and a reduced need to pre or post treat well or municipal water before using it in the winery.  

The Reverse Osmosis system includes:

  • Reverse Osmosis filter with water membranes
  • Total Organic Carbon analyzer
  • Flow meters, sample ports, and capability to connect to the UC Davis winery’s SCADA system and PI analytical system.

Winesecrets and GE are proud of our partnership with UC Davis. We feel this partnership is a critical and important element of the UC Davis Sustainable Winery vision now and in the future.