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August 2014

Winesecrets President Eric Dahlberg takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! #IceBucketChallenge

Check out the video here! • >>> Who's Next!?!?

Also for more information on ALS and to donate to the cause please visit


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August 2014

Wine Grape Harvest 2014 Officially Begins!

Friday August 22, 2014 marks the arrival of the first load of freshly harvested wine grapes to Winesecrets headquarters in Sebastopol, CA!

Anticipating a large crop year yet again Winesecrets Operations is gearing up for the coming onslaught and ready to help with any emergencies. Bring it on Mother Nature! We help wine to shine every time.



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July 2014

Nervous About Smoke Taint In Your Wine? Winesecrets Can Help!

First we've procurred some scholarly documents on the subject for your perusal, and second we've prepared a list of Frequently Asked Questions on smoke taint as applies to our proven method of removal.


Frequently Asked Questions About Smoke Taint


  • Q: What is your proven method of removal?

       A: Reverse Osmosis filtration via specialized membranes and then carbon filtering. Click here for more info on our services


  • Q: What lab analysis should I request if I suspect smoke taint in my wine?

       A: We have found guaiacol to be the best marker to target for the smoke compound removal. ETS tests for 4-methylguaiacol as well


  • Q: How soon after exposure to smoke can Winesecrets filter with success?

       A: The wine must first complete malolactic fermentation before we can successfully filter out the smoke taint character


  • Q: When is the worst time for smoke exposure to grapes on the vine?

       A: Studies have noted that 7 days post-veraison showed the highest guaiacol levels


  • Q: Do you offer a lab-scale trial for smoke taint removal?

       A: Yes! Click here for more info on our lab trials



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July 2014

Active US Army Reservist To Spend A Month in Germany For Annual Training

Our active Army Reserves member Timothy Neal joined the US Army in 2000 and has been a member of the Reserves since 2005 and served in multiple logistics duties. As a maintenance supply sergeant for the Army Reserve Construction Engineer Battalion, Tim plays a vital role in keeping the heavy equipment running.

Here at Winesecrets Tim has taken well to wine handling and cellar work in our shipping and receiving department. He continues to soak it all up like a sponge and solidify himself as a valuable member of our team!

For the month of July Tim will be deployed to Germany for Army Reserve Annual Training. As a requirement for reserve soldiers this annual training consists of spending a month at a US Army training base in the Bavarian wilderness...not really beer and schnitzel dinners as you may have pictured!

Winesecrets is proud of our Veteran Hiring Program. Timothy is the only team member still actively serving and we intentionally are flexible to accommodate this necessary time off. We support our Reservists and National Guardsmen remaining engaged in their service duties while pursuing their new career with us in the wine industry.


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