Winesecrets Veteran Employment Initiative

 Winesecrets is a small company.  We rarely exceed 19 employees, but in the last five years we’ve hired 12 people with prior military service

in 2015, Winesecrets was honored to accept the Veteran Employer of the Year Award from the Sonoma County Employer Advisory Council. 

“We realized that our particular business was unique.  So much so that we could employ  returning vets and train them to become desirable employees to large wineries.  We could be that all-important first resume job.

“So we reached out to a variety of agencies with little success.  Finally, the call was heard, and the true hero of this story showed up:  Claudio Calvo.  Calvo learned what we were doing and began to connect us with people.  The program worked.

What we learned:

1. We have a large scale wine production facility that operates on a schedule apart from the rest of the industry, a perfect training opportunity.

2. The wine industry will remain a source of living wage blue collar jobs which won't be shipped to China anytime soon.

3. The wine production industry will need employees who can read, write, and operate computers

“We have had a variety of levels of disability, and a variety of outcomes.  Most of our vets have moved on in our industry.  Others chose other paths as the economy improved.  One went back to Active duty.  Two have gone back to school. We have had employees who have struggled with PTSD, not always successfully.”

The award acknowledges these efforts of Winesecrets to improve both the  quality of Sonoma County’s wine while improving the status of our returning military Veterans. The executive team at Winesecrets takes extraordinary steps to promote hiring and training returning military Veterans, some of whom are burdened with the most stigmatized of disabilities including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. While the outcomes aren’t perfect, Winescrets is   dedicated to making sure  veteran hires are accommodated so they can succeed at their jobs.  The management team is also committed to helping their veteran staff members find new employment  through Winesecrets’ partnerships with other businesses.  

“Winesecrets remains as a small business with a deep commitment to providing a vet-hospitable first step towards integration into the greater job market.  We are happy to talk to similar businesses about how to do what we have done.”


 Veteran Staff At Winesecrets!

bill Atwood - veteranEric Dalhberg VeteranMichael Gribben  Veteran

Bill Atwood - US Navy,  Eric Dahlberg - US Army, Michael Gribben - US Marines

Are you a Veteran interested in possible employment with Winesecrets?

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