We’re happy to answer questions about the technologies and the processes we implement. Our goal is that every one of our customers feels armed with knowledge and comfortable with us processing their wine before we do because we understand it can be unnerving to jump head-first into technology utilization for winemaking. This is why we also offer the opportunity to bench scale trial almost every service we provide.

VA Reduction

Recover the wine you intended to create.    

Alcohol Removal

Winemakers often want to reduce the alcohol in their wine to comply with labeling as well as finding that sweet spot.  With our equipment and expertise, you don't need to wait for the perfect brix on the vine, you can find the perfect balance after fermentation.  


Color, aroma, and flavor are increased while  desirable elements may be supressed.  Yes, like taint.

High Proof Distillation  

We offer three grape spirit blends:  Original - 170; Premium - 184;  Pure - 190.

Custom Beverages and Packaging

Have an idea?  Contact us for proof of concept.  We can take you through the whole process.

Test Track

On the Test Track, winemakers can run trials and preview finished products on a small lot basis. 

Stuck Fermentation

Don't set your stuck wine aside.  Both our VA and Alcohol removal  can help.