Reliable CrossFlow Filtration

Why CrossFlow Filtration?
  • Minimal Product Loss
  • Fast, Efficient and Gentle
  • Reduced Volume of Solid Waste
Why Choose Winesecrets?
  • Dedicated Professional Staff
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Training Options For Cost savings
  • Leading STS Technology


Save Wine, Time, And Money With Winesecrets' Cross Flow Service

Crossflow microfiltration is rapidly becoming the method of choice for wine clarification. Winesecrets' mobile crossflow filtration service offers you all of the benefits of this technology without the considerable price of ownership.

The reduction in lost product can yield considerable savings, especially with high-priced wines. Europe has already recognized the threat to worker safety posed by diatomaceous earth (DE). How soon until California follows? Landfill restrictions will also restrict DE in the near future.

Savings, sustainability, and safety in a single package, only a call away from your winery.

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