Precision Alcohol Adjustment

Why Take Alcohol Out Of Wine?
  • Enjoy reduced tax liability for wines below 14% alcohol by volume
  • Maintain label consistency
  • Exhibit the wine's best sensory characteristics by realizing the alcohol "Sweet Spot"


Why Choose Winesecrets?
  • Proven Reliability
  • Decades Of Service Experience
  • Mobile or In-House Service Available
  • Precision Alcohol Targeting
  • Low Product Loss
  • "Sweet Spot" Your Wine's Alcohol Lab Scale First!


Winesecrets offers alcohol adjustment at our main hub in Sebastopol CA or as a mobile service using the Memstar process (can be done at any facility with a Distilled Spirits Plant (DSP) permit per TTB regulations -- click here for details on obtaining appropriate permits!)

Not sure what the optimal alcohol concentration is for your wine? Conduct bench trials with Microstar to determine optimal alcohol level for an entire blend. Excessive alcohol can cause a wine to be "hot" or out of balance. Alcohol can accentuate astringency or give to the impression of sweetness to a dry wine. Winesecrets alcohol adjustment can assure the optimal alcohol concentration for each particular wine.


Alcohol Adjustment At Your Facility

Our gentle, selective method can balance your wine every time.

Alcohol Adjustment = Flavor Enhancement

Our alcohol removal service combines tried and true technology with gentle handling of your wine. Our professional staff treats your wine with the utmost care, from receiving, through processessing, recombination and final shipment back to you. We test the wine at every step with industry-standard laboratory analysis, ensuring that we know how your wine is progressing at every stage. We offer the opportunity to discover the "sweet spot" of your wine. One of Winesecrets' experienced technicians will use a small RO unit to create samples at a range of alcohol concentrations, allowing you to choose the perfect synergy of flavors to make your wine show its best. If you choose a sweet spot at less than 14% alcohol, you save 50 cents per gallon on your excise taxes. Put the extra money in your pocket, or offer the finished wine to your consumers at a better value.

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Mobile Alcohol Adjustment Technology

With the Mobile De-alc AA 2 stage membrane process (reverse osmosis and perstractive membrane process), wine alcohol is selectively reduced while flavors, colors and tannin are preserved. The process is a "closed loop" with two membrane barriers between the wine being treated and the strip water which removes the alcohol. The actual alcohol stripping step is performed on reverse osmosis permeate which contains very little of the precious wine characters that would otherwise be lost. Wine to be treated is separated by reverse osmosis into concentrate and permeate streams. Alcohol passes through the membrane from the permeate into the water. The dealcoholized permeate is then recombined with the wine from which it was extracted, thus lowering the alcohol of the blend.