Color & Flavor Optimization by Ultrafiltration

Why This Service?
  • Deepen Wine Color
  • Enhance Each Wine's Unique Flavor
  • Add Structure To Phenolic Profile Without Blending Or Additions
Why Choose Winescrets?
  • Fully TTB Compliant
  • Years Of Experience
  • Specialized Membranes Utilized
  • Ability to create samples
Ultrafiltration divides wine into high color and low color fractions
By varying the membrane pore size and the volume of the permeate and retentate fractions (including back blending of components, where desirable), Ultra filtration produces consistent, desirable results, improving wine quality and value.

By-Product Vs. Loss

Ultra filtration removes wine components which may be concentrated and utilized in other wines, resulting in very small process losses overall (much smaller than with conventional diatomaceous earth or pad filtration). Ultra filtering red wine can also provide two separate wines that stand alone on their own merits: a partial concentration of color and tannin in a red wine (10-30%) can make it more robust. The permeate may be utilized in a rosé, blanc de noir or white zinfandel type of program. If the producing winery has no available home for the permeate or the retentate, the undesired portion can be sold in bulk or distilled.