Bulk Wine Storage

Storage At The Winesecrets Facility


Winesecrets Offers Bulk Wine Storage And Access To All Its Technologies In One Convenient Location!

Winesecrets has over 300,000 gallons of stainless steel cooperage available for bulk wine storage. Receive purchased wine here. Move inventory off-site to free up room in your cellar. Tank volumes range from 1,100 gallons to 13,000 gallons.

Why Store Your Wine With Winesecrets?
  • Temperature Controlled Indoor Tanks
  • Convenience To North Coast Wineries
  • Full Service Laboratory On-Site
  • Professional Staff and Decades Of Commercial Winemaking Experience
  • Rigorous Sanitation Protocols
  • Ability To Utilize Winesecrets' Services With No Mobilization Fee
In-House Services

Winesecrets' Sebastopol facility offers bulk storage, custom winemaking services, and access to all of Winesecrets outsourced wine production technologies.

  • ROs for juice concentration and taint removal
  • Ceramic Cross Flow filters with a 500 gal/hour capacity
  • Alcohol adjustment via reverse osmosis and distillation column
  • Bench scale dealcoholization to determine wine "sweetspot"

At Winesecrets' Sebastopol facility, you can do any post-fermentation processing up to and including final bottling. Winesecrets offers custom crush and can accept bulk wine in any stage of production. The professional staff and leading edge equipment can address taints in troubled wine, adjust alcohol concentration, stabilize and finish wine or just store your wine for future use.


6,300 Gallon Modular Insulated Tanks Available!

Truck them to your facility to hook up to glycol or self-contained refrigeration also available.

Flexible storage solutions for when you're in a bind.

Available Now!

Tank Specifications


20’ ISO Tank


24,000 L

Tare Mass

3,325 kg

Max Gross

36,000 kg


4 bar

Working Pressure

6 bar

Design Temperature

-40°C to 130°C

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