Premium Grape Spirits



Our High Proof Spirits Are Perfect For Many Applications!

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Copper StillOriginal Blend:

  •  Single distillation
  •   Continuous column distilled from RO permeate
  •  Moderately clean spirit; somewhat fruity character; great for general wine fortification and cellar sanitation
  •   170 proof

Premium  Blend:

  •   Double distilled
  •   Batch method; Original Blend re-distilled in a copper potstill with rectification column
  •   Very clean spirit; pleasant, fruity character; perfect for fortifying high-end/premium wines, making ports, and use in alcohol tincture making where fruity character is desired
  •   184 proof

Pure Blend:

  •   Triple Distilled
  •   Batch method; Premium Blend re-distilled in a vodka column
  •   Exceptionally clean spirit; neutral character; great for any use where a true neutral spirit is required including vodka, wine spirits additions, sanitation, tincture making
  •   190 proof


Non-Beverage Uses

• Cellar sanitation
• Herbal tinctures

In addition to being a winery sanitation go-to, our products are quickly becoming a resource for the medicinal industry. Our spirits are ideal for making medicinal herbal tinctures.   Available at 190 proof and fully derived from Reverse Osmosis wine, our Premium Grape Spirits are much better than neutral grain spirits like Everclear, and far more accessible - we'll ship to you!

Why Choose Winesecrets' Premium Grape Spirits?
  • Our Product Is Ideal For Herbal Extraction At 190 Proof
  • Can Be Used In  QWET (Quick Wash Ethanol) Applications
  • Unsurpassed Quality Due To Reverse Osmosis Wine-Derived Origin
  • Distilled For Purity


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