Winesecrets is dedicated to being the professionals choice for winemaking solutions.

In an effort  to uphold this commitment we have teamed up with General Electric's water division (GE Water) to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible membranes for their wines. Winesecrets is the GE Channel Partner For Water & Process Technologies!

GE Water offers a wide spectrum of pleated, depth, and reverse osmosis membranes for an array of uses. Below are the top selling products that we recommend for most winery applications. As this program develops we will be adding on a section for bottling line filters, and for water purification as well.


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GE Membrane Technology get it thru Winesecrets
Reverse Osmosis Membranes Available

"Tight" RO - 4 inch diameter membrane

"Loose" RO - 4 inch diameter membrane

"Tight" RO - 8 inch diameter membrane

"Loose" RO - 8 inch diameter membrane


Operating parameters

  • Typical Operating Pressure: 200-800 psi (1,379-5,516 kPa)
  • Typical Operating Flux: 5-20 GFD (8-34 LMH)
  • Clean Water Flux (CWF)*1: 14 GFD (24 LMH) @ 225psi
  • Maximum Operating Pressure**2: 1,200psi (8,273kPa)
  • Maximum Temperature: 122°F (50°C)
  • Sanitization Temperature: 194°F (90°C)
  • pH Range: 3.0-10.0
  • Maximum Pressure Drop Over an element: 15 psi (103 kPa) Per housing: 60 psi (414 kPa)
  • Chlorine Tolerance: 500 ppm-hours dechlorination recommended

*1 Clean water flux (CWF) is the rate of water permeability through the membrane after cleaning (CIP) at reproducible temperature and pressure. It is important to monitor CWF after each cleaning cycle to determine if the system is being cleaned effectively. CWF can vary ±25%.
**2 Operating pressure in bar multiplied by operating temperature in degree Celsius should not exceed 2000.


UltraFiltration Membranes Available

UltraFilter - 4 inch diameter membrane

UltraFilter - 8 inch diameter membrane


Operating and CIP parameters

  • Typical Operating Pressure: 80-135 psig (555 – 931 kPa)
  • Typical Operating Flux: 10-25GFD (15-40LMH)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 200 psig (1,379 kPa)
  • Maximum Temperature Continuous operation: 122°F (50°C) / Clean In Place (CIP): 122°F (50°C)
  • pH Range Continuous operation: 4.0-11.0 / Clean In Place (CIP): 2.0-11.5
  • Maximum Pressure Drop Over an element: 12 psig (83 kPa) Per housing: 50 psig (345 kPa)
  • Chlorine Tolerance 5,000+ ppm-days


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