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Our multi-function Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems (RO) known as the WS 4610C Targeted Filtration Systems combine the reliability of General Electric construction with Winesecrets’ operational experience to provide cutting edge capabilities to wine producers.  

There are a variety of functional application packages (APPs) available through Winesecrets that may be used to target specific unwanted characteristics from wine or juice. Uses of the RO for wine production include:

  • Process water purification
  • Water removal for must concentration
  • Reduction of ethanol concentration (where legal)
  • Reduction of acetic acid or ethyl acetate concentration
  • Removal of higher molecular weight contaminants (smoke/ brett taint)
  • Management of color intensity using ultrafiltration
  • Waste water recovery


           A growing number of prominent wineries are placing these machines at their facility for a variety of uses.  Winesecrets continues to explore new functionality applications for this versatile platform.



  • Purify water at 2-4 GPM, at a 25-45% recovery rate;
  • Reduce acetic acid by 50% in 500 gallons of dry wine per day @ 65° F when used in conjunction with the VA Removal App provided by Seller;
  • Concentrate clarified grape juice from 21 degrees Brix to 23 degrees Brix at a rate of 300 gallons per hour of continuous operation at 60oF.*


* juice concentration design limit <=26 brix.

Please note that circumstances specific to your own commercial condition, physical plant and equipment and/or application might prevent the Equipment from performing at your location as described above.



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